Born in England to a Palestinian father and an English mother, I spent my childhood in different countries in the Middle East and Europe.This gave me a deep appreciation and understanding of different people and cultures in our diverse world.


Earlier in life, I was drawn to music as an outlet for creative expression. Eventually I moved to image- making and chose a career in photography.

I learned my craft working both as an artist and as a commercial photographer for advertising and design in London, Stockholm and Dubai. Gradually I found a style that I felt comfortable with, and which I felt spoke with the truth and emotion that I was seeking.


I now live on a rural, organic farm in Galicia, north- western Spain, with my wife, and our four-legged family of Arabian horses and Saluki dogs. I continue to pursue new art projects and to exhibit regularly. I also teach photogravure printmaking (photo-etching) and photography courses in my farmhouse studio.

See more of my work at www.tariqdajani.com


"There is a strange-making in much of Dajani’s work, a way of making perfectly ordinary things seem quite strange and extraordinary. Such work leaves the viewer feeling touched, moved, disturbed - leaves him or her with a whole complex of emotions and desperately wanting to know more. Most of my wondering is about Dajani’s falcons. I have never seen stranger or more beautiful photographs of birds than his."


John Wood, poet, photographic historian & editor

“Tariq Dajani is a photographer and printmaker.

He is mostly known for his poetic portrait studies of the Arabian horse and the hunting falcon. Beautifully observed and mastered, the work displays intellectual depth and classical realism. It is contemporary while invoking something of the European Masters.”


B Rowell, gallery owner, Jacaranda Images


I was living in Stockholm in 2006 when I started my purbred Arabian horse portrait project, and later on included the hunting falcons. I decided to adopt a traditional studio portrait approach with simple but effective lighting and a backdrop to focus attention on the subject. I was interested in showing something of the horse or falcon that would bring the viewer closer in and create an emotional connection of sorts. My interest in art is often related to how it makes the viewer feel, that for me is more important than technical achievement. 

The first Arabian horses that I photographed were in Jordan. HRH Princess Alia and several private horse breeders very generously allowed access to their beautiful Arabians. I was swept away by these magnificent creatures and hoped to be able to reflect some of the beauty, elegance and pride that they displayed for me. 

My journey gradually took me south to the Gulf of Arabia, the desert kingdoms where horses and falcons reign high along with their masters, bearers of culture, heritage and nobility.

My first exhibition of the Arabian horse in 2008 was well received in Stockholm. That was followed by an exhibition in Jordan under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia, then later in Dubai in Sheikh Mohammad’s majlis, then under the patronage of HRH Princess Haya and on and on. 

Soon afterwards I started photographing the hunting falcons and later exhibited both works under the title ‘Drinkers of the Wind’ (in reference to Carl Raswan).

Prints of the Arabian horse and the falcon are available at a few galleries and outlets, but through this website, I hope to make them available and affordable to those many people who have written to me. 


Thank you for continuing to appreciate and support my work.


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